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Why You Have to Love Yourself

You have to love yourself. Why? Because you set the standard for all your relationships, and YOU are your most important relationship! Our Culture of Self-Sacrifice We live in a world that consistently tells us that we should sacrifice ourselves …

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Shifting Focus – Connecting to Our Bodies

Connecting to our bodies is becoming a bigger and bigger theme in my life. You’re going to start seeing that reflected here. It’s not so much a shift in focus as it is a deepening of focus. What I’m Experiencing …

Health & Fitness Tips

30 Day Self-Care Challenge

For the next 30 days, we’re going to chose 3-5 self-care items and commit to doing them every day. I’ve included a link to a habit tracker below. I’ve also included a list of possible self-care activities you can include. …

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Dealing with Survivor’s Guilt

One of the hardest parts of the last couple of weeks is acknowledging and working through survivor’s guilt. Looking at the trajectory of the tornado and knowing that it was headed straight at us but turned into our neighbors instead …

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Tornadoes in Tennessee

Last Monday, we went to bed expecting some strong thunderstorms, which are common in Tennessee this time of year. There was a mild threat of tornadoes, but again that’s normal this time of year. We rarely actually have a tornado, …

Health & Fitness Tips

Primary Food: Self-Care

I’ve been a bit silent lately, because I’ve been busy practicing what I teach. I’ve been taking a little time out to take care of myself. Self-care is an important primary food that keeps your batteries charged. It can be …

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