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woman in brown sleeveless dress and blue jeans standing on gray path roadHealth & Fitness Tips

Welcome to the Love Your Body Challenge

Thank you for joining me for the inaugural Love Your Body Challenge! I’m so exited to share with you the low-stress method I’ve used to lose more than 40 pounds without counting calories, carbs, or anything else! Today’s Tasks To …

photo of woman doing yogaMotivation & Inspiration

My 2021 Fitness Goals That Didn’t Happen

I had ambitious 2021 fitness goals. I was going to get in the best shape of my life. But that just didn’t happen. Instead, getting bit by a brown recluse sidelined me for 3 months, and I’m in probably the …

woman holding a smiley balloonHealth & Fitness Tips News & Announcements

Love Your Body – Reader Survey Results

I want to end the year with a FREE 90 Day Love Your Body Challenge, but I wanted to get some insight into the help women need to really learn to love their bodies. Here’s what the lovely ladies who …

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