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Mon - Fri: 8AM - 4PM

NOTE: All services are offered in virtual sessions!

FREE Transformation Session
This 50 minute free session allows you an opportunity to review your current health status and your health goals, while allowing you to explore the possibility of participating in a health coaching relationship with me. I offer three levels of health coaching, all of which start with this free session.

Healthy Living Workshop
This two-hour interactive workshop is designed to raise awareness about the health crisis and the importance of healthy living and give participants easy, actionable steps to improve their health and wellness. Topics range from nutrition to self-care to exercise. Recommended audience is 10-25 participants. Cost is $299. I also offer a four-hour session for $499.

Speaking Engagements
I am currently available for motivational speaking engagements either virtually or within a two-hour drive of Cookeville, Tennessee. Rates are determined based on travel distance and length of engagement.

For more information or for a customized service, please contact me at (931) 783-1808 or

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