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Start date: October 1, 2021
End date: December 29, 2021

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Why 90 Days?

While there’s no one-size-fits all timeline for forming a new habit, the average is 66 days. I’m not interested in helping anyone get short-term weight loss results. (Read my story here.) I want to help you accomplish lasting transformation!

90 days is an ideal challenge length to create new habits in your life. And that’s how we create lasting change.

I want the Love Your Body Challenge to be a solid foundation for a healthier, happier you. When the challenge ends, I want you to take forward into your life habits that will change your relationship to food and help you love your body.

This is what I did by using the exact same methods…

Love Your Body Challenge Instructions (Please read!)

The goal is to love your body by fueling it with the right foods at the right time. Here is how we’ll do that:

  1. Take before and after pictures and measurements. Don’t worry! You only have to share if you want to. 🙂
  2. Weigh in every day. Yes, every day, because we’re going to get over our fear of our scales! They go up and down, and that’s ok.
  3. Keep a food journal. Write down when you ate, what you ate, how you felt before you ate, and how you felt after you ate. We’re not interested in logging every little thing. We’re interest in learning about ourselves.
  4. Eat ONLY when hungry. Not when the clock says we should. Not when other people want us to eat. When our bodies say eat.
  5. Eat until satisfied… Not full. We’re going to learn what that feels like.
  6. Enjoy our food. That means no eating while driving, working, or watching TV. Take the time to taste every last bite. You work hard. Don’t you deserve to enjoy your meals? 😛
  7. Eat 30 servings of veggies a week. Notice I didn’t say anything about kale. Eat what you like. Try some new veggies. Don’t eat anything you don’t want. (Confession… I hate kale. I hate beets too.)
  8. Move your body every day. You don’t have to join a gym. Find something you love. Walk in the woods. Dance in your living room. I’m going to ride my horse and walk my dogs.

Write these steps (minus my commentary) on the first page of a notepad or journal. Whatever you’re going to use for you food journal. Make it as fancy or as simple as you like! (I’m looking forward to at least one BuJo addict sharing some pretty pics for us.)

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Leave a comment or contact me directly! I answer every single message, and I want to be there for your every step of the way.

Are you just getting started? Need to get re-motivated? Just want to find a better way than diets? Worried this won’t work? Let’s chat!

We’re going to have a great time creating new health habits and learning to love our bodies, so join us today!

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