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person sitting on cliff raising up both handsMotivation & Inspiration Personal Development

The Thriving Experience

In January, I attend a Thriving Experience, which is a three-day free online retreat hosted by Dr Valerie Rein and Jeffrey Tambor. My Goals and Expectations At the start of the experience, I had with one major goal: get some …

person reading book and holding coffeePersonal Development

Daily Alanon Reading

As a long-time Alanon member, my habits include daily Alanon reading. My readings work with my journaling, prayer, and meditation to keep me spiritually connected. The Alanon Program The Alanon program is for family and friends of alcoholics and addicts. …

elderly woman busy writingPersonal Development

Daily Habit of Journaling

This week, I want to share with you my daily habit of Journaling. I use two journaling tools to sort through my feelings and thoughts. The Benefits of Journaling For me, the biggest benefit of journaling has been increasing my …

woman surrounded by sunflowersPersonal Development

Daily Habit of Appreciation

This week, I’m sharing my daily habit of appreciation. I use it to stay focused on the positive in my life. Gratitude vs. Appreciation For years, I had a practice of making a gratitude list, but I no longer do …

person with umbrella on shore in stormHealth & Fitness Tips Personal Development

Understanding Storm Eating

Storm eating is a type of binge eating and is often followed by shame and guilt. For me, it usually follows getting too hungry. 🙁 How it Happens Clean and Delicious provides a great description of storm eating: You are …

silhouette photo of woman against during golden hourMotivation & Inspiration Personal Development

Why You Have to Love Yourself

You have to love yourself. Why? Because you set the standard for all your relationships, and YOU are your most important relationship! Our Culture of Self-Sacrifice We live in a world that consistently tells us that we should sacrifice ourselves …

pen calendar to do checklistMotivation & Inspiration Personal Development

Getting Yourself Unstuck – My Journey

Getting yourself unstuck in life plagues everyone at some point. At least everyone I’ve ever known. I want to share with you a piece of my story. Burned Out, Stuck, and Miserable Seven years ago, I had everything you’re supposed …

hands of person holding a glass of wine and blackberryHealth & Fitness Tips Personal Development

Changing Our Response to Cravings

We’ve explored our cravings and now understand why, what, and when we crave. Now, we can begin changing our response to cravings. Our Natural Response Because our cravings can sometimes be a response to nutritional or hormonal imbalances, we’re pre-programed …

accomplishment action adult adventureNews & Announcements Personal Development

Life Purpose Coaching

I’m so happy to announce that I can now offer Life Purpose Coaching! This is the first step in my journey to becoming a Master Life Coach. A Deeper Direction I mentioned a while back that my summer on the …

sliced cake on plateHealth & Fitness Tips Personal Development

Exploring Your Cravings

Exploring your cravings provides insight into the whys of your eating habits. For me, I discovered some unexpected emotional eating habits. The Sources of Cravings Food cravings are really common. In fact, more than 90% of us experience them! Two …

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