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person sitting on cliff raising up both handsMotivation & Inspiration Personal Development

The Thriving Experience

In January, I attend a Thriving Experience, which is a three-day free online retreat hosted by Dr Valerie Rein and Jeffrey Tambor. My Goals and Expectations At the start of the experience, I had with one major goal: get some …

lighted christmas treeMotivation & Inspiration

Why It’s Important to Wait for Christmas

While a lot of people are rushing into Christmas, I want to share with you why I think it’s important to wait for Christmas. The Advent Season If you didn’t grow up in a liturgical church, you may not have …

silhouette photo of woman against during golden hourMotivation & Inspiration Personal Development

Why You Have to Love Yourself

You have to love yourself. Why? Because you set the standard for all your relationships, and YOU are your most important relationship! Our Culture of Self-Sacrifice We live in a world that consistently tells us that we should sacrifice ourselves …

pen calendar to do checklistMotivation & Inspiration Personal Development

Getting Yourself Unstuck – My Journey

Getting yourself unstuck in life plagues everyone at some point. At least everyone I’ve ever known. I want to share with you a piece of my story. Burned Out, Stuck, and Miserable Seven years ago, I had everything you’re supposed …

two women sitting on white benchHealth & Fitness Tips Motivation & Inspiration

A Little Health Humor & Challenge Check In

I wanted to take a little break today and share a little health humor with you! We’re also a little over a month into the Love Your Body Challenge, so we’re due for a check in! Challenge Check In First, …

photo of woman doing yogaMotivation & Inspiration

My 2021 Fitness Goals That Didn’t Happen

I had ambitious 2021 fitness goals. I was going to get in the best shape of my life. But that just didn’t happen. Instead, getting bit by a brown recluse sidelined me for 3 months, and I’m in probably the …

photo of women standing on beachHealth & Fitness Tips Motivation & Inspiration News & Announcements

90 Day Love Your Body Challenge

I mentioned in my last post that I was launching a FREE 90 Day Love Your Body Challenge. I really want to end the year together with a bang! I’m so excited to provide FREE health coaching to the lovely …

Home Cooking in My KitchenMotivation & Inspiration

Home Cooking & My Awful Kitchen

Confession… I haven’t been cooking lately. I think it’s been at least 6 months since I’ve made a home cooked meal. Home cooking is my thing, and I’ve been avoiding it. 🙁 My Dysfunctional Kitchen Let me tell you about …

desperate evicted male entrepreneur standing near windowMotivation & Inspiration Personal Development

Changing the Conversation

When things go wrong in your life, it’s easy to let fear and doubt in and be a victim. I’ve done it. But being a victim means giving up all your power to control your attitude and your actions, which …

Motivation & Inspiration News & Announcements

Choosing Self-Care over Productivity

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. As much as we would like our health journeys to be a straight lines to perfect health, life just doesn’t work that way. Things ebb and flow, and we have to roll with it. …

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