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person sitting on cliff raising up both handsHealth & Fitness Tips

Working with Mother Nature

In 30 years of working with animals, I know it’s always better to be working with Mother Nature than against her! Yet, I only recently started applying those same principles to my own work. Struggling against Mother Nature I mentioned …

ball point pen on opened notebookHealth & Fitness Tips

Keeping a Food Journal

I’m a big advocate of keeping a food journal instead of logging your food. A journal encourages you to work through your feelings, but logging details can sometimes lead us down a dangerous path. Obsessing over Details For many of …

blue tape measuring on clear glass square weighing scaleHealth & Fitness Tips

Getting Past Scale Anxiety

For me, scale anxiety was one of the major obstacles to my weight loss. This is why we’re weighing in daily for the Love Your Body Challenge. Why We Weigh in Daily I’m not a fan of logging meals or …

woman in brown sleeveless dress and blue jeans standing on gray path roadHealth & Fitness Tips

Welcome to the Love Your Body Challenge

Thank you for joining me for the inaugural Love Your Body Challenge! I’m so exited to share with you the low-stress method I’ve used to lose more than 40 pounds without counting calories, carbs, or anything else! Today’s Tasks To …

photo of women standing on beachHealth & Fitness Tips Motivation & Inspiration News & Announcements

90 Day Love Your Body Challenge

I mentioned in my last post that I was launching a FREE 90 Day Love Your Body Challenge. I really want to end the year together with a bang! I’m so excited to provide FREE health coaching to the lovely …

woman holding a smiley balloonHealth & Fitness Tips News & Announcements

Love Your Body – Reader Survey Results

I want to end the year with a FREE 90 Day Love Your Body Challenge, but I wanted to get some insight into the help women need to really learn to love their bodies. Here’s what the lovely ladies who …

ChocZero Sugar Free ProductsHealth & Fitness Tips Nutritional Information

My ChocZero Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Obsession

I’m obsessed with ChocZero sugar free dark chocolate. I have a terrible sweet tooth. Always have. ChocZero helps me deal with my sweet cravings in a healthier way. Why I Eat Sugar Free Chocolate I spent years thinking I was …

woman slicing a cucumberHealth & Fitness Tips

Why I Stopped Dieting and You Should Too

After years of dieting, I got fed up and stopped dieting. Why? Because diets will make you crazy. All diets work… And then don’t. It was only when I stopped dieting and starting getting healthy that I saw lasting results. …

bunch of white oval medication tablets and white medication capsulesHealth & Fitness Tips

Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate

The last 2 and 1/2 months of dealing with a brown recluse spider bit has reminded me how vital it is to be your own advocate with healthcare professionals. Don’t get me wrong… 99% of the medical professionals I know …

abstract arachnid atmosphere atmosphericHealth & Fitness Tips

Best Advice… Don’t Get Bit

Getting bit by a brown recluse spider really derailed my summer. If you haven’t already, you can read about it in four posts starting here. At 2 months and 7 days, I’m still healing. I still have a wound just …

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