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Health & Fitness Tips

Gut Health and Your Weight

2020 was a tough year for most of us. For me, it started before Covid restrictions. In January, I lost an old friend to cancer, and in February, my husband and I were hit with what we thought was a …

News & Announcements

Brown Recluse Spider Bite – Part III

Well… The spider bite is still healing. I look back on my first update and chuckle at how naïve I was to think that I would be talking about how it healed in another two weeks. I’ve done a lot …

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Brown Recluse Spider Bite – Part II

Well… I had planned to do a video follow up and a post last week, but my spider bite had other plans. Here I am two weeks later, and still not up to doing a live video. My set up …

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Brown Recluse Spider Bite – Part I

I’ve been pretty quiet the last two weeks, because on Monday, June 7th, I was bit by a brown recluse spider. It’s been a little over two weeks, and I still have a rather large wound (nearly 4″ by 4″) …

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Our Facebook Support Group

We have a free support group for women on Facebook where I share daily nutrition information during the week. I also run a seven day mini-challenge centered on Primary Food topics (the things that nourish you that you don’t eat …

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Love and Your Health

We were built to love one another. One of my favorite podcast–the Minimalists–has a book coming out titled Love Things, Use People, which is how we’re supposed to be living. Unfortunately, we live in a culture obsessed with loving things …

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Changing the Conversation

When things go wrong in your life, it’s easy to let fear and doubt in and be a victim. I’ve done it. But being a victim means giving up all your power to control your attitude and your actions, which …

woman turning around on green fieldsPersonal Development

Letting Go of Fear

Very often fear holds us back from doing the things our hearts want most. Approaching that person, applying for that dream job, ending that toxic friendship. But it’s time to see fear as a friend trying to protect you. Elizabeth …

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Letting Go of Toxicity

For the last two weeks, we’ve been talking about relationships. Two weeks ago, we talked about setting boundaries, and last week, we talked about learning to say no. Both are key to having healthy relationships, which contribute to our health …

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