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In January, I attend a Thriving Experience, which is a three-day free online retreat hosted by Dr Valerie Rein and Jeffrey Tambor.

My Goals and Expectations

At the start of the experience, I had with one major goal: get some strategies for dealing with PSD. I had been recognizing where PSD shows up in my life for a few weeks, and I wanted it to stop.

I did everything they asked to prep for the weekend. Everyone I knew thought I was away at a retreat.

First, I prepped my meals and snacks for each day. Next, I kept the door to my office closed and let everyone know that my office was off limits.

I expected to get some great tools to conquer PSD!

The Thriving Experience

The Thriving Experience

As I mentioned before, the Thriving Experience last three days. That’s three days of instruction, inspiration, and healing sessions.

I walked into the retreat thinking I knew how PSD effected me. It was only an inkling.

Deep ancestral trauma bubbled up for me as well. Hurts that I shared with my father, who passed nearly a decade ago.

In addition, I found in that room MY people. People who shared my energy and passion, vision and mission. A room full of disrupters rocking a counter-cultural lifestyle and unwilling to be anything less than unapologetically themselves.

My Amazing Healing Experience

Let me be clear… This retreat was a drop in the bucket compared to the healing I will experience in the year-long Thriving Circle.

BUT it was nothing short of AMAZING!

Not only were all of the session deeply moving and healing, but I also had the chance to participate in three VIP calls with Dr. Valerie and Jeffrey. The calls included a much smaller group who had the change to get their questions answered.

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In addition, I was chosen to be a loveseat participant. I had a one-on-one session with Jeffrey in a room full of loving, supportive energy. It was a life-changing experience.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I registered for the next event before the weekend was over. I even encouraged several friends to register too.

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