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After two months of reflection, I decided it was time for some changes and some rebranding. For a while now, I just haven’t felt as connected or as excited as used to about my health coaching. I was just trying too hard to make two lines of business exist in the same space.

Why Things are Changing

I have two passions. The first is sharing my story with other women to inspire them to make lasting transformation. I want them to know that I’ve been there. I get it. I want to encourage and support them in their journeys. I want them to love their bodies and love food.

The second is changing the way small businesses see employee productivity. I want to help entrepreneurs understand that by promoting a culture of wellness, they get more happier and productive employees. I want to help them make lasting culture changes.

The first requires a very personal, conversational style focused on sharing my own experience, strength, and hope. The second requires a more formal, professional approach heavier on the facts and figures.

I haven’t achieved the success I wanted with either, because I was trying to keep them both in the same space.

What is Changing

You may have already noticed some changes on this site. This site is much more focused on the first mission to help women love their bodies. The content for the second mission–small business consulting–is moving to its own site.

I’m also separating social media accounts. There is a new Facebook page for this site and this work. The existing site will transition to support to work of the new website.

What This Means for You

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If you’re a small business owner following me for health and wellness information for yourself or your employees, make sure you like, follow, or subscribe to the following:

Thank you for your continued support!


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