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Health & Fitness Tips

30 Day Self-Care Challenge

For the next 30 days, we’re going to chose 3-5 self-care items and commit to doing them every day. I’ve included a link to a habit tracker below. I’ve also …

Health & Fitness Tips

5 Ways to Get in Those Steps

You can’t out run a bad diet, but most of us know we need to eat less Twinkies and eat more greens, drink less soda and drink more water. But …

Health & Fitness Tips

April 30 Day Challenge

Unfortunately, our March 30 day challenge was postponed thanks to the Super Tuesday tornadoes, but we’re going to re-start it on Wednesday! Our goal should be to eat 5 servings …

Health & Fitness Tips

Dealing with Survivor’s Guilt

One of the hardest parts of the last couple of weeks is acknowledging and working through survivor’s guilt. Looking at the trajectory of the tornado and knowing that it was …

News & Announcements

Tornadoes in Tennessee

Last Monday, we went to bed expecting some strong thunderstorms, which are common in Tennessee this time of year. There was a mild threat of tornadoes, but again that’s normal …

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March 30 Day Veggie Challenge

As promised, we’re kicking off another 30 day health challenge today! Our last challenge was centered on learning about health concepts and trying out some new things. This month, we’re …

Motivation & Inspiration

How I Lost 7 Inches

Whenever I share pictures of my progress, the first thing people ask is “How did you do it?” The short answer is that I got healthy. The complete answer is …

Health & Fitness Tips Motivation & Inspiration

30 Day Health Challenge – Day 30

We’ve spent the last 30 days exploring primary and secondary foods. We’ve covered a lot of concepts in just 30 short days. Today, we take some time to rest and …

Health & Fitness Tips Motivation & Inspiration

30 Day Health Challenge – Day 29

We’ve covered several primary foods over the last three weeks. Last but not least, we’re going to explore finances. The number one cause of fights in long-term committed relationships is …

Health & Fitness Tips Motivation & Inspiration

30 Day Health Challenge – Day 28

We’ve talked about physical activity, spirituality, career, relationships, home cooking, and home environment. Today, we’re going to explore creativity. You might think only artists are creative people, but all of …

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