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The Thriving Experience

In January, I attend a Thriving Experience, which is a three-day free online retreat hosted by Dr Valerie Rein and Jeffrey Tambor. My Goals and Expectations At the start of the experience, I had with one major goal: get some …

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Patriarchy Stress Disorder

If someone asked me what books most changed my life, Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Dr. Valerie Rein would top the list. My Journey Once upon a time, I was 16, graduating high school, and headed to college at Mt. Holyoke …

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Daily Alanon Reading

As a long-time Alanon member, my habits include daily Alanon reading. My readings work with my journaling, prayer, and meditation to keep me spiritually connected. The Alanon Program The Alanon program is for family and friends of alcoholics and addicts. …

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